Factory Tour
  1. Site Descriptions

    Our factory is located in Da Lang, Dongguan, China. The distance between our main office in Hong Kong is about 70 Km. The traveling time is 2 hours between these two places. We do have courtesy car to pick up customers from Hong Kong to our China factory.

    The area of our factory is approximately 23,000 square meters where including our own electro-plating factory, 4 plants with 12 different departments, capacity of 500 seats indoor canteen and staff accommodation with more than 300 beds.



    China Factory


    Workers Dominory
  2. Skilled and highly educated staffs.

    We have 35 educated staffs working in our Hong Kong's and China's offices. Most of them have been working in our company over than 15 years or more. Some of them had studied abroad in order to know what overseas customers need. Their loyalty and reliability to our company reflex how we treat to our customers.

    Beside the staffs from our offices, we have 550 skilled employees who work in 12 departments and also electro-plating factory.

    Storage for moulding

    Metal Mould Storage

    Plastic Moulds

    Office and Staff

    Adminstration Office

    Conference Room
  3. Material :

    We mainly import raw material from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Our European line products are complied with European Parliament and Council Directive 94/27/EC ( Nickel free), AZO-free environmental standards and European Standard on Safety of Toys. After our products are being delivered to customers, we also concern the safety use of these products. We would also have technicians coming over to customers' factories to teach or share the safety use of the products that the customers have ordered.

    Imported Plastic Raw Material
  4. Introduction to our Mainly Departments

    1. Product Design and Mould Developing Department:

      This is the first department when a new product is being developed and introduced. With over 20 high complexity designed machines which include CNC, precision instruments and etc, we develop over 30 new moulds for customers every month.

      Mould design and making department

      Advanced Mould Cutting Machine

      Mould-developing Department
    2. Plastic Products Department:

      We have 30 plastic mould injection machines, 3 P.E. board machines and 10 PVC pipe tube machines. The department is operating 24 hours a day with 3 teams workers. As a result, 95% of our products are delivered on time to customers under the normal circumstances.

      Plastic product department

      PE Board Machine

      Plastic Mould Injection Department
    3. Metal Products Department:

      We have 50 metal product machines which include zinc alloy mould injection machines for alloy buckles; iron and copper wire buckle making machines for wire buckles; metal polish machines to make the product look shiny; oil-pressured machines for the impressed metal logos and press cutting machines for the eyelets and lock accessories. Due to many different kinds of the metal products are being developed, we replace old machines with new machines when needed.

      Metal product department

      Alloy Metal Die-casting Department

      Metal Product Department
    4. Assembling Department :

      Some of our products must be assembled such as locks, belt buckles and handles. There are 150 skillful and experienced workers in this department as they assemble, color and adjust the products by heart.

      Assembling Department
    5. Quality Control Department :

      Our 3S (Satisfying, Safety and Strongly) are the main issues, which complied by this department. We check the quality of every product one by one in order to make sure that the best products will be delivered to our valuable customers.

      QC Department
    6. Packing Department :

      That is the last department when the products are ready to be delivered after packing. We count, weigh, pack the products precisely. We will make sure that the amount of the product is accurate, correct and complete before delivering to our customers.

      Packing Department